DDhifi Janus unveiled

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Head pie has enjoyed a close relationship with ddhifi. A company making new, exciting and innovative products. Most importantly useful and needed.

The Janus is a surprise with its MMCX and Two pin on one shell style. 

The basic cable (forest) it ships with is quite adequate but i found myself using the upgrade Sky cable in the end as it generally offered more in sound stage, dynamics and details.

Like others i was involved in the beta process in a casual way and ddhifi has refined the Janus into a marketable product sound wise. It is generally mature and well balanced.

I havent stretched it out fully on the iBasso DX220 max nor done any aftermarket tip rolling. But i do think there is more to discover there.

Its a release i think will appeal to many.

Audiofool has reviewed it very well here and it will probably in time be ported over to Head pie. In the meantime follow the link for a more in depth look: 


Crazy stuff eh!? MMCX on one end, Two pin on the other.

Upgrade Air cable

MMCX version/4.4mm - choose your configuration 

There are a few bundle choices if you follow the link from the ddhifi webpage to aliexpress:

Thank you to ddhifi for sending the Janus to Head pie for our impressions 

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