iBasso CF01 quick impressions and unboxing

iBasso CF01 Bluetooth ear hangers for your deluxe and not so deluxe MMCX IEMs to hang like so much splendid jewelry from your meaty aural cones.

Lets get one thing straight. I like my cables. Solid, sometimes pretty, sometimes lengthy and wide in the girth or short and stumpy and unsatisfying for some.

‘Do you want to review this bluetooth xxx’ has in the past been often met with a no or a meh - but lately Bluetooth devices seem to have come of age. Both the sender and receiving portions. I have recently been sticking a toe in here and there and testing the waters.

Some bluetooth dac/amps seem to be doing the job well, daps are a hit and miss often and earphones seem to be where its most at in terms of development and popularity. 

Mostly on the train in Tokyo i see bluetooth in ears of all sorts. I don't see many headphones these days. And of course cabled earphones mainly of the easy to procure variety.

So here i am. iBasso offered to send their latest foray into a brave new world and i decided to accompany them on a journey into a personal hell. That of a wireless future.

I am such a backward luddite.

At least Musk hasn't  got his brain plug in for retail yet...

Unboxing - for those with eyes to see.

Note the codecs available.
I am using AptX mostly.

A quick start guide and a charging cable.

The case is handy not only as a storage system, but also charges the device and is large enough so the user does not have to disconnect the earphones. 

USB-C for the win. If i wanted micro usb i would move to the Shire and go walking to Mordor.

A warranty card for future peace of mind.

Sleek and smexy! Sound impressions aside these are a pretty pair.

The first click on and off is slightly stiff,
After that it seemed perfectly snug.


Pairing seemed quick and easy. Open the box and off you go.

If you have any issues - hold down the right earpiece button for ten seconds. (Past the turning off stage) for RESET.

Addition trouble shooting (general Bluetooth device information):

Delete both of the L and R from your phone or dap. Put them back to the charging case. Then take them from the charging case and pair them again.  
If this does not work reset both of the L and R with a long hold on both, turn the Dap/phone off and back on and then pair in the normal manner.

Yes, pairing was super easy.
Thankfully...so that kept me happy.

Connectivity with the iBasso DX220 was stable.

Shake your head!

The iBasso passed my unofficial at home vigorous moving of my skull in all directions, some music-less head banging and also some jumping about.

They stayed in place nicely.

Quite comfortable around the ears also with their rubber covering. Lightweight also.

The bonus of being able to choose which IEMs to use is a plus also. I can choose first for fit and then the sound signature which i feel like listening to at that time.

iBasso testing has found “ With an iphone 11 we have tested it and get over 40 feet through 2 walls.”.

Lets go for a run as the Tokyo summer approaches 35 degrees at midday.

Luckily i went at around 9am for a warmish 29 degrees jog. A personal exercise renaissance which began with the onset of coronavirus.

Once again the CF01 stayed in place easily as i huffed and puffed my way around the neighborhood.

Connectivity was strong with only the odd drop off which reconnected again by itself easily.

Fit is comfortable, even with a mask.

A hat covers my overly eager do it yourself overly short at home covid-19 short back and sides hair cut.

Price is around $180 - $200 for the iBasso CF01.


The sound of the CF01 is limited by it being Bluetooth (and not cabled), and also the selection from available BT codecs chosen.

Source (Music files and dap) also plays a part towards quality i believe.

The CF01 is neutral with a lean towards reference. It is uncolored in the sense that ones earphones deliver their designed signature. 
No added bass bump or anything.

Simplicity itself.

Although i will not abandon my cable fixation do consider me newly converted  to the world of bluetooth convenience. 

Thank you to iBasso for sending Head pie the CF01 for review.

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