CEntrance Hifi-M8 v2 impressions and unboxing etc

More information here: https://centrance.com/hifi-m8/
Specifications added 10/2020

Pre-order is now live:

The CEntrance Hifi-M8 v2... I have had this device for a couple of weeks now.

And have tried it on and off between other devices and done a few comparisons with mid to totl daps and a wide range of single ended and balanced IEMs (iBasso, FiiO and Campfire Audio flagships... etc) and also headphones (CA Cascade, iBasso SR1, ATH-ESW11, ATH-A900)
and have found the Hiif-M8 v2 to be an extremely competent product.

It retains and builds on the earlier products from CEntrance, it has a maturity of development about it (this coming from on who has climbed the ladder of CEntrance products over the years).
The Hifi-m8 v2 takes the best of each previous product and melds it into one premium device.

I think it is so excellent that i have suggested to CEntrance that i send back the Hifi-m8 v2 and give it any firmware updates (if needed) and then the device on a tour.

Its a reference device with body and detail. It lacks nothing in the sound department. It has a cold side for IEMs and more portable headphones and a hot side for harder to drive headphones.

Bells, whistles and switches for miles.

Portable hifi in the last year or two is reaching a fantastic point where enthusiasts are less and less able to mine inconsistencies from devices (and head/earphones) which impede their enjoyment of the music and are able to hold in their hands and ears coherent and defined products which let them simply disappear into the sounds of their favorite albums and tracks.

The CEntrance Hifi-m8 v2 is, i believe one of these devices.

Well done CEntrance.

Head-fi legend HeadphoneAddict lengthy and detailed impressions here:

Size comparisons 

Dimensions are 121 mm (4.76″) (L), 70 mm (2.76″) (W), 36 mm (1.42″) (H). Weight approx. 260 grams (9.1 ounces)”

Next to the original crowd designed Hifi-m8 (8 versions) on Head-fi way back when

CEntrance Mini-m8

Showing the length compared to earlier models.

The Hifi-M8v2 combines all the excellent developments of earlier models.

It retains the full bodied, detailed and clear sound signature that CEntrance products are known for.

Next to an iphone SE (which incidentally i use for all the Head pie photos, previously an ipod touch 6G), iphone SE is the same size as an ipod touch 6G for reference.

More size comparisons:
FiiO M11 and iBasso DX160.

I used the Bluetooth today and yesterday with success.
I have not experimented enough with the Hifi- m8 v2 yet as it just arrived.

I can say when using it for testing purposes with the Campfire Audio Solaris (gold) and Solaris 2020 the sound was very beautiful and not lacking straight out of the box.
I am very familar with the Solaris (gold) and the Hifi-m8 v2 drove them well (iems !)..) and reproduced the recordings excellently and to my expectations and past experiences with my usual choice of daps.

More to come soon in a full review.


Today i used the USB-C with excellent results. 
Nice full body, yet neutral sound. 
Black back ground from what i could detect. 
I played around with the gain and the hardware EQ switches.
I used the balanced port.

I used the Hidizs AP80 Pro, Audirect cable and iBasso IT04 earphones via the 2.5mm balanced port.

Here using ipod touch 6G via CCK (Apple Camera Connection Kit) to Final Audio A8000 with Flacplayer app.

Additional Apple tests 12/2020


i did a couple of quick experiments (...and dropped one dap and smashed the back glass whilst getting stuff, ugh)


ipod touch 6G
Usb c to usb c cable (from Audirect BEAM dac amp)
ddhifi lightning too type c adapter TC28i

Flacplayer app by Dan Leehr


iphone SE

same as above / working.

Just a youtube video my son was watching the day before. Just an audio check..amirite!?

NOTE: i plugged everything in. Then turned on the Hifi-m8 v2, then switched the input ( that took 2-5 secinds to register. Slower than1-2 seconds of a usb c to usb c. Apple i guess).


Also successful with ddhifi TC05 type c to type c otg cable to the ddhifi TC28i lightning to usb c adapter

(maybe easier to source together

tried iphone SE and ipod touch 6G.


Key point. Turn off. Plug in. Turn on. Input (bt off).

Two led lights on the left should show after a few seconds


  • Works with: Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux: laptops, phones and tablets
  • Supported by most playback apps as USB audio device, up to 32-bit/384kHz
  • Balanced Bluetoothimplementation allows to go wireless with high fidelity
  • VelvetSound™ AKM AK4493 D/A converter for lowest levels of noise and THD
  • Digital volume control results in perfect level tracking between channels
  • Hybrid Power System isolates sensitive circuitry from noise and interference
  • Battery Supply reconditions wall power to deliver clean signal to your headphones
  • The exclusive Stamina Mode re-configures the power supply for longer battery life
  • Total of 8 amplifiers inside: 4 on the cool side and 4 on the hot side outputs
  • Two balanced + two unbalanced headphone jacks support up to 4 headphones
  • Balanced outputs: 4-pin Neutrik on the hot side and a 2.5 mm jack on the cool side
  • Unbalanced outputs: 1/4″ jack on the hot side and a 3.5 mm jack on the cool side
  • Precision, 12-step Stereo VU meter shows how loud your music is mastered
  • Meter brightness is adjustable from night mode (invisible)  to daylight visible levels
  • Dual USB C jacks avoid draining your phone’s battery, allow charging while listening
  • Internal battery charges from any standard 5V/2.4A USB charger or from a laptop
  • Dual band EQ adds punch and sheen to highlight your favorite headphones
  • Gain Range switch allows to seamlessly transition from IEMs to big overhead cans
  • Aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum chassis for scratch protection and durability


  1. Still, no idea about the available power ?
    It looks interesting, but I didn't understand if the 8 amps can be cumulative and able to power an unbalanced output with more than 1W at 32 Ohms, or, those amps are just there to feed 2 by 2 the 4 outputs with less than 1 W as result to feed the unbalanced output

    1. Best to keep an eye on the head fi thread or CEntrance aitw

      Make no mistake. It is a beast and wont be lacking in the power department


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