Solaris 2020 - quick look (notes)

Solaris 2020 quick look (notes):

iBasso DX220 to CEntrance Hifi-m8 V2 via BT.
3.5mm Splitter to Solaris 2020 and Solaris Gold OG.
Final Audio tips.
Default basic settings on the Hifi-m8 v2
Music on shuffle.
Not volume matched (much) - though same splitter shared.
Solaris 2020 has around 100 hours on it.
Solaris Gold has well over 500 hours.

Solaris 2020
Fit: excellent.
Nice body to the music. Emotional.
Bass seems to hit deeper at first - but it is more that the mids have come more into play. Vocals are nicely centered.
a sense of space between instruments, detailed with no edge. Good imaging.
Timbre is better than the Gold.
Smoother and natural but not lacking in detail.
Comes across as more full bodied. Satisfying. Treble is gentle, yet not diminished.
Fairly balanced and even. Coherent.

Solaris Gold OG
Fit: Dependent on user. Case by case. Insertion depth may result in a different user experience.
low end present and hits pretty much the same as 2020 -
But it is more dynamic with the Gold.
upper mids not so prominent. 
Soundstage is wide. Vocals just above but within the music.
Can notice the soft u to small w shape compared to the more linear S2020.

I swapped to the iBasso DX200 using the fairly (dull?) reference amp 1.

the results are similar

2020 more warm, linear and natural
Solaris OG more v/w, dynamic, but less rich and lacking a certain weight.

the differences are incremental and subtle - but as those fortunate to have tried the SE (not me) noticeable.

the Solaris 2020 is more pleasurable for me. Fit of course for my pixie ‘earlets’
I also enjoy the richer warmer linear signature

i would have liked to have swapped each Superlitz over and also paired them both with standard smokey litz to see what else i could discover.

*plus my daughter would listen here and there and being me food and put princess tiaras on my head...

*Fun fact - my kids were watching Star Wars III (140minutes).


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