The iBasso IT00 a quite competent Dynamic Driver earphone.

Price $109

It comes with a nice carry case.

Warranty and general information including a few freq graphs.

Detachable MMCX cable.

Spare set of filter covers so you can still listen whilst you clean.

Three types of tips. I settled on the white ones.
Wide bore, thick silicone.

It scaled up well and was pleasing out of the DX220 Max.

I installed the speedtest app for some general continuity.

- Stock router from the internet company. Reset twice to factory settings.

*please excuse my shaky hands

5G Test

2G Test

Short story:



iphone SE for comparison.



Playstation 4 (wired) - just for fun.

Birthday shopping. Riutbag ‘Crush’ 
(i previously purchased the 15” but needed a lighter bag). The iBasso DX220 Max fits safely against the inside of my lower back - no outer zips. Folds up into a nice pouch.

Penon Audio Sphere


Smooth, fast, fairly even and lots of space.

PENON Sphere 
Balanced Armature 
2Pin 0.78mm HiFi Audiophile In-ear Earphone IEMs
In 2019, Penon released the SPHERE IEM.
PENON SPHERE is made with the concept of simplicity is beauty. It uses a simple resin housing and logo, and uses Balanced Armature, it has excellent sound signature, Very Balanced. Quick Bass, Smooth Vocals and Airy Treble.
Driver: Balanced Armature
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz
Passive noise reduction: 26dB
Earphone interface: 2Pin 0.78mm
Cable Length: 1.2M
6 pairs of silicone eartips

The Penon Audio Sphere comes with a standard cable, tips and a basic carry case.

The sound is clear and defined.
The bass is fast and decays promptly.
It has a slight v shape which veers towards an evenness at times.

Treble is present and full of energy. Can become hot at times.

The vocals are just slightly orward and smooth.

Sound stage is above average and has a decent width.

The Sphere is an entry level earphone that would match well with smartphone or low to mid level dap.

For a single BA earphone it performs very well and is largely coherent overall.

I did not do any cable rolling and kept to the stock elements.

It has a natural sound mixed with dynamism.

Quite a pleasant casual listenable earphone with an easy fit.

Thank you to Penon for sending Head pie the Sphere.