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Astrotec - S60 Bluetooth In Ears Review

The Astrotec S60 was kindly sent to Head pie for review. Previously we have reviewed the Lyra and found it to be an excellent earbud.

Here in bustling Tokyo Bluetooth earphones of the S60 kind are everywhere. Nearly every second commuter or one out of three are using them. But regardless of the actual statistics they are everywhere and in sizable numbers.

My recently change of work venues means I no longer transfer through busy Shinjuku Station, which often meant a quick detour to either Biccamera or Yodobashi Camera, two major electronic and other goods stores - often filled to the brim on one floor with portable audio gear.
I dropped by recently on a quest for the latest JVC Spiral dots ++ and was surprised to see a half circle of tables that was staffed by two people that was fully dedicated to these types of Bluetooth earphones. I had no idea there were so many brands and to sample them all would have been exhaustive. Many of them being general and not audiophile quality.

Luckily I have read enough recommendations online and several usual suspects/brands and models pop up often as the general audiophiles choice to have a selection from which to have a quick demo listen. Astrotec often being among one of the few.

I found that they measured up to my humble ears, even If to do so meant having to ditch my fancy bling bling jewelry IEM cables for a time...  ;)

The earphones come snug as a bug in a rug in a case that also serves as a charging station and a portable battery charger for the Bluetooth earbuds when you are on the go and need some extra juice.

Simple, streamlined and gorgeous enough to make me hang up my glitzy cables for a time.

Make sure to insert them the right way up. Head pie has quite a few lovely earphones come through and try as might I have not been able to convince my wife to use any of them. Until now...

After finding the right sized ear tips it was a go.

I was informed the next day that they feel out on the train. Strange I thought. After a quick demonstration it was discovered they had been inserted back to front! With the heavier end facing forward instead on snugly within the ear as God intended.

I did laugh, but then had to re-convince her to take them out and about again (a personal mobile burn in station If you will). I also wanted a layman's opinion who has no interest in the intricacies of esoteric audiophilism.

A beautiful case and a small selection of ear tips that proved in the ned to be enough, with the  long nozzle that fits well within ones ear canal.

The earphones come with a protective plastic sticker so they arrive pristine and perfect.

Case, L, M, S and tapered tips, earphones, charging cable and a `how to` guide book.


The build of the Astrotec S60 is high end, from the ingenious case with its charging ability and smooth supple lines to the earphones themselves. Light weight and well designed to sit comfortably in the ears for extended periods of time.

Sound and performance

I did not know what to expect. Although my previous excellent experience with Astrotec products warmed me up to a probable positive outcome.

Having not earlier delved into the world of Bluetooth products much myself, due to the the fact that they are only recently maturing and more and more high end audio codecs are being added such as LDAC, Aptx/APTxHD  etc. The weak point for some of the S60 might be the codecs.

The S60 perhaps being eclipsed by the soon to be released S80 already?

But I digress.

The codecs on the S60 are not audiophile grade being Audio encoding format: CVSD、MSBC、SBC、AAC.

Most users looking for the aforementioned LDAC and Aptx etc.

But for around $70 this might be many peoples cup of tea.

I tried with a few sources and it seemed to connect to most of them without too much problems.

Range seemed adequate. I could walk around my house fairly easily and did not experience many drop outs.

The tips were not a 100% perfect fit for me (but i do have trouble finding the right size), there is four to choose from and the smallest fit my wife`s ears perfectly.

The performance as is, I would guess would be quite enjoyable for the casual user. Having a decent single Knowles BA driver helps with the overall quality.

The sound is fairly smooth, the highs are not extended but adequate presented, the mids have enough depth, presence and the vocals are clear and have body, it has a generally snappy response but lingers where needed, the bass is in enough quantity to please when sitting at home or when on a commute.

The S60 has great detail and separation, sound stage is average.

The achilles heel of course is the basic codecs supported, I really think this earphone has more to offer. Most will be using such an earphone with a phone I guess. So it probably is not a main crisis point for many users.

I think you get a lot for the asking price.

For the casual user who wants a well built, easy to use and great but not totl sound the S60 is a good and affordable choice.

• Basic Parameters
Size: 24×16.5×14mm (Single Earpiece)
Weight: Approx. 4.6 g (Single Earpiece)
Earpieces Charging Current: 55mA
Earpieces Charging time: Approx. 1 hr
Working Voltage: 3.3V~4.2V
Standby time: Approx. 50 hrs
Continuous music playback time: Approx.3~4hrs 
Continuous phone call duration time: Approx. 3~4 hrs

•Bluetooth Parameters
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Support Profile: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
RF transmit: Class 2
Transmission Range (Hz): 2.40GHz ~ 2.48GHz
Transmission distance: 10m
Audio sampling accuracy: 16bits
Audio sampling rate: 44.1~48kHz
Audio encoding format: CVSD、MSBC、SBC、AAC
SNR: >95dB
Working temperature: -15℃~+60℃
Working humidity: 10%~85%( in a non-frozen state)

•Charging Case Parameters
Size: 64.5*40*27 mm
Weight: Approx. 60g (exclude the earpieces)
Charging port: USB Type-C 
Charging case (full charge) can provide charging times for 
S50 : Approx. 2-3 times
Charging time: Approx.1 hrs
Input voltage :DC5V
Battery volume: 400mAh Li-ploy battery
Output voltage:DC5V

•MIC Parameters
MIC type: MEMS
MIC sensitivity: -42±3dB

•Driver Unit Parameters
Driver unit: Imported Knowles Balanced Armature
Impedance: 28Ω
Frequency Response: 10-20 KHz
Sensitivity: 94dB
Input Power: 2mW (Normal), 5mW (Maximum)

Ipod touch 6G


The Astrotec S60 retails for US$74 on Aliexpress

Thank you to Astrotec for sending Head pie the S60 Bluetooth in ears for review


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