Vision Ears VE8 Brief Review
Reviewer: Michael Amouyal a.k.a. Mimouille

1. Product:
The VE8 is the new top of the line product from Vision Ears, a 3-way, 8 balanced armature custom in-ear monitor priced at 2 330 euros.
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Questyle QP2R



The first ifi Nano iOne units didnt have significant bluetooth reach, which ifi swiftly rectified with replacements and new improved version.

Having had both (and loving the V2) I can safely say the early teething issues have been taken are of.


Astell &  Ultima SP1000




More info here:

'A& Ultima SP1000 Highlights

• Ultimate music playback with the latest dual AK4497EQ DAC
• Equipped with Octa-Core CPU to optimize system performance
• Sound designed with high output power with low distortion
• 5 inch LCD screen, new GUI, USB 3.0, and multifunction wheel'


ifi Nano iOne and the improved version which ifi Audio  released promptly in response to feedback from users about the Bluetooth quality of the initial product.

Full unboxing and eventual review to follow.