Vibro Labs (IEM creator) interview

Vibro Labs interview

HP: Welcome to Head pie.

Vibro Labs/VL: Thanks! We’ve been following Headpie Facebook shenanigans for a while now. It’s taking maximum effort to act professional for this interview!

HP:First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company, present and historical.

VL: Vibro Labs started in a basement making Grado cups.
We then worked as a headphone design firm which resulted in the ZMF x Vibro, ZMF Omni, ZMF Eikon, and ZMF Atticus. Now we are an earphone lab located in Maine, USA. We are dedicated to exotic hardwoods paired with exquisite sound and fair pricing.

HP:Please tell us about your current product line up. The Sera, Aria and Maya.

SERA is mid-forward with purpleheart faceplates. Addictive tune.

ARIA is vee-shaped and relaxed with a little extra heat up top. Unique tune.

MAYA is a musical neutral with expansive soundstage and extension. It is reference-grade while still being musical. It's our flagship tune.

HP: You also do a custom series of your line up, please tell us about that.

VL: People get silicone squirted into their ears by a professional audiologist and mail these ear impressions to us. We then send these impressions off to a medical lab with decades of translation manufacturing experience. They scan, detail, 3d print, and finish the shells to our exact specifications. We have a <1% fit issue rate with these shells, which puts us at the top of the industry. It's great to have awesome partners!

HP: What cables do they come with. Do you have any other after market cable options?

VL: They come with rugged USA made cables. Nothing fancy, but they work awesome. We do offer the full range of Linum cables, but mostly because we love the ergonomics and bling factor. Especially the Linum Balanced. What an awesome cable!

HP: If you have several products up and coming. Could you tell us a little about them.

VL: MAYA may have to step down as our flagship around Q3 2017.

HP: Can you share any specs etc with us? (Maybe you have already covered this above).

VL: Not really. Armature count means nothing and response graphs are meant for R&D. What sets us apart is not something that can be captured in a spec sheet. Passion, love, exotic hardwoods, great customer service, an upgrade program, and more…

HP: How would you describe your companies products sound signature?

VL: We don't have a house sound. We are converging to a house sound. Perhaps years from now I will have found the ultimate earphone design and I won't sell anything else. When that happens, that will be our house sound. Until then, we will have many different sound signatures for people to choose from.

HP: Tell us a little about any future plans for your company.

VL: The name Vibro Labs alludes to a plurality of R&D labs. Right now we only have an earphone lab. We will be expanding into other audiophile markets very soon.

HP: Anything else you`d like to add?

VL: We do a LOT of livestreams on our Facebook page, . Lots of hanging out in the shop while we build customer orders.
Sometimes we do giveaways. It’s a blast.
There are photos on our website of some of products:

HP: Thank you for your time.

VL: Thank you!


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