Bed time set up

Source :
Iphone 6s
Dac / Amp :
Centrance HiFi Skyn
Iem :
AAW W 500
This Centrance HiFi Skyn is perfect solution for Apple lover , who bring only their Iphone 5 / 5 s
Iphone 6 / 6 s
Iphone 6 Plus / 6 s Plus
With additional Centrance HiFi Skyn
Can become prefect audiophile sound quality for on the go set up.

I would like to share Shozy Dac Amp Magic and Shozy wooden IEM out the box
Source :
Valog SounDroid
Dac Amp :
Shozy Magig
Iem :
Shozy Zero Wooden Iem
iC ; Red. edition By Cypherus Herry Wijaya