Jomo Audio 6R - `special 6R Universal review unit` unboxing - expatinjapan

 Jomo Audio

Thank you to Jomo Audio for sending Head pie a special version of the Jomo 6R universal IEM.
This being a customized version with ebony wood inlay, steampunk stylized watch cogs and a longer  nozzle as requested by myself. Thank you for all your effort and work, it is beautiful.

 The R series monitors aim to have a flat response for reference monitoring. 
Six precision balanced armature drivers per side.


Six Precision Balanced Armature Drivers

Single Dual High, Dual Single Mid and Single Dual Vented Low configuration

Advance horn sound outlet design*. 

Three way passive crossover network. 

FR: 20Hz - 20kHz

Sensitivity: 126dB

Impedance: ~20 ohms

Noise Isolation: 26dB +/- 3dB(Custom Version) 

After market custom IEM cable by Custom Cable PH.
The CCPH RC IEM cable 6n silver plated copper.

Thank you to Jomo Audio for sending us this special version of their Jomo SR IEM for review


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