Five of what I believe are the most popular budget-fi IEMs compared.
-Scott Rowley.

All of my listening was done on the FiiO X1; for this review. All impressions of the IEM will be from having it paired with the X1, the EQ is off and volume was adjusted for each IEM so they would present an equal amount of energy as perceived by my ears. The IEMs have had no modifications, using original cables and also using the original factory tips.

Chord & Major unboxing soon!

Full review to follow.

Centrance Hifi-Skyn review 
-expatinjapan for Head Pie

FiiO M3 and FiiO EX1 unboxing continued.

FiiO EX1 out of the box.
I really like the clear L and R colors. The cable looks luscious. Impressions soon.

Impressions and review to follow.