Custom Cable PH - interview with Ren CCPH

Custom Cable PH

Thanks for agreeing to take the time to do this interview Mr.Ren CCPH.
You do make some beautiful cables.

First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company.
- I came from a family of music lovers. Most of them play instruments. Unfortunately, I wasn't gifted like my siblings. What I have is a creative mind and the uncanny desire to make things perfect. 
- I started out in portable audio with a plain simple sennheiser and AKG iem with a Sony discman, walkman and eventually iPOD as my music players. 
- My cable making actually started way back when I was doing car and home audio. My passion for cable making was influenced by a fellow car and home audio enthusiast. It just occurred one day when I was buying car amplifiers where I saw Nakamichi and Furutech RCA plugs in a shelf (10 years ago). At that point, I thought of making my own car audio interconnect and save money. I also made my own speaker cables for my home rig. 
In 2010, a friend commissioned me to make IC's for his home rig (This is where it all started) - I was making IC's using readily available cables then and eventually from raw materials creating my own compositions. I played with a lot of Rockford, Stinger, Furutech, Cardas, Esoteric, Homegrown, Ecosse & etc. It was hard at the beginning but at the same time fulfilling as it taught me the skill and understanding of how things work in cable making. CCPH is a product of evolution and passion of this hobby.

The crystal coaxial

Please tell us about your current product line up: 
Type 1 SC - This is a single crystal hybrid

A type 1sc mini-rca cable

Type 1sc HD600 cable

A type 1sc hd800 cable

A type 1sc mini-mini IC

Type 4 - This is a pure silver and copper hybrid.

A type4 LOD

A type 4 mini-xlr for Audeze

Type 6 - is another product line that is purely copper. From Kimber, OCC to Litz.

A type 6 mini-rca IC

You have several products up and coming. Could you tell us 
a little about them.
- Supreme Ref. 1 - This is a more recent discovery together with my #1 critique and friend Bryan Co. This is a single crystal hybrid with a third element in its composition.

Can you share any specs with us?
Top Secret.
Bryan will come-up with a review with one.

The sense1 RC ultra soft iem cable

Tell us a little about any future plans for your company.

Continue to evolve for the love of music.
Anything else you`d like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity.

Speaker wire.

A Ref1 rca IC

A modified AK crystal cable


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