2,222 members! A very special Xmas day for Head pie

Sadly last year Santa didnt get my letter...


I saw FiiOs post on Facebook and thought wow! This is a mid priced Dap that ticks all the right boxes.

More photos and details on FiiOs Facebook page. 

Head pie is very busy atm and will do their best to make it


During Burn in Glove A1 I am seeking the best sounding headphone to pair with.
I found with Planar headphone like LCD x soumd really awesome.
AK 100 Mk1 FAD Edition Japan
Dac Amp:
Glove A1
Audeze LCD X
Zenith PM2 X
SAA Endorphin Balance TRS 4 PIN
Adapter Balance TRS 4 PIN to RSA

Saturday afternoon set up with my Ak 100 collection
Ak 100 mk 1 FAD Black Edition japan
Ak 100 mk 1 Gold Edition Japan
Ak 100 mk2 Blue Saphire LE japan
Dac Amp:
Glove A1
Ultrasone Signature Pro
Oyaide Rhodium for Ultrasone Sig Pro
Furutech Rhodium adapter 6.3 mm to
3.5 mm
Which color is your Favorite Color
Thank you Rosie  for the tips Glove A1 pair with Ultrasone Signature Pro sound really great.
Deep punchy bass

Night time set up
Ak 100 mk 1 FAD Edition Japan
Glove A1
Pre amp:
Fostex HP V1
LZio HAV 5+ by Vic John Korea
Oppo PM1
Glove A1 > Fostex HP V1 use
Crystal Cable Signature Diamond
Fostex HP V1 > LZio HAV 5+ use
Crystal Cable Reference Standard

Oldschool set up is not always bad
AK 100 mk 1 FAD Edition
Glove A1
Audio Technica ATH ESW 11 LTD



Its the coming end of the year with all the busyness of  Christmas and New years.

Head pie will be a bit quiet for the next few weeks but will see you in 2017!

What the hell, every other site is doing awards

Head pie awards, 'The Rudis'.
Best of the best of 2016 coming soon.

Hifiman and Campfire Audio Vega

Feeding my cheap home stereo (stop gap for my excellent one that died ...several years passed now-ugh).
Opus#1 (line out mode), optical cable, CEntrance Mini-M8 to 2 channel home system. Makes  the home system sound quite acceptable actually.
Campfire Audio Lyra II with Opus#1 Dap
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Vega review begins (....with a little Reference 8 detour).

Viva la Vegas!