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Hifiman and Campfire Audio Vega

Hifiman MegaMini review

Whats in the box?

The Hifiman MegaMini comes nicely packaged and supported by a foam bed

Beautiful to look at, simple is best.

Single end 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD card slot for up to 256GB, 
micro USB port for charging.

Volume buttons.

Power on/off. and navigation buttons below the screen.

Warranty and charge/media transfer cable.

The MegaMini boots up quickly.

Simple and easy to use UI.


 Dimensions:1.69”x 3.93” x 0.31” (43.0x100.0x9.0mm)

Weight:2.43oz (69g)

Frequency Response:20Hz - 20kHz

THD: 0.08%

Max. Output:54mW (1.4V @36 Ohm)

Battery Life:15 hours

TF Card Capacity : 256GB 

The Hifiman Megamini is solidly built with an aluminium sheath and sturdy tactile operating buttons.

Lightweight and a handy palm size.

UI is basic but easy to use.

Decent battery life.

Hifiman MegaMini and Advanced AcousticWerkes Q


I tested the Hifiman with various earphones and headphones of different price points, some of which you will see in the photos.

I was interested in how well the Hifiman MegaMini performed with earphones within its price bracket and also more pricey earphones.

Tracks were generally FLAC 16/44.

The sound stage is a small to medium sphere.
The treble is nice and clear, the bass present enough but could do with more definition.
Resolution is average as to be expected at this price point, but I did expect a bit more of a surprise, but you do get what you pay for.
With earphones within around the $100-$600 I generally didnt notice too much lack of detail and resolution, but with my upscale IEMs in the $700/$800+ range of course artifacts and shortcomings were noticeable. But do bear in mind this player wasnt designed for that market. imho.

The sound is generally laidback, basic and clear. I enjoyed very much listening to iBasso IT03 with the Hifiman MegaMini.

Hifiman Megamini and iBasso IT03

The Hifiman MegaMini has a fairly neutral sound, that although has enough detail and sound stage to please at an entry level it can appear thin compared to more powerful daps with more body to the music (as expected) and larger sound stages, the bass can be tight and thumping at times, treble extends enough, and has a solid presence of mids.
Although generally veering towards the neutral side of things, the MegaMini can at times appear with a bit of warmth.


Retailing at US$249.00 the Hifiman MegaMini is reasonably priced within todays mega priced Dap market. If it was priced at $199 it could well be a sweet spot for many considering the MegaMini.

The promotional photos on the Hifiman site showcase the MegaMini as `going to to work` and `at the gym`, when purchasing the MegaMini or even reviewing it one must keep in mind that is a budget priced player for on the go. Its target audience isnt the high end market of which Hifiman has Daps for already.

This is an affordable player for those who want a light, simple and easy to use player at a low end price, that is not to say the sound is compromised at all, the sound is good. But of course dont expect $1000 sound quality. Lets be realistic.

Hifiman has five daps ranging from their most simple the MegaMini (US$249.00) up to their flagship player the HM901s retailing at US$1,499.00  http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/portable-players.html

So there is a price range and quality of sound that scales up for everyones needs and budget.

Size comparison with other players on the market.


The Hifiman MegaMini (and is more powerful sibling the SuperMini) have entered into a world where we are being showered with mid to high end (and priced) Daps as of late.

It is quite refereshing to see a release of well made low priced dap for the budget, on the go, commuting and more sporty minded market.

The MegaMini is an entry into a competitive market of low to mid priced daps, where the competition is fierce and each offers something different in the way of strengths and weaknesses.

The build of the MegaMini is solid, the UI easy to use and the unit iself is lightweight and of small form.

The MegaMini does not display album art at this stage and like some other features will probably be added in a future update.

I think the name Hifiman conjures up large players with a big and detailed sound, and headphones. Placing the MegaMini within the line up may be a stretch for some.

Hifiman have been in the business for a while and bought to the market one of the earliest Hi-res Daps, so they do have a lot of experience under their belt. Some might be expecting a big sound in a small package with the MegaMini, and in some ways it does possess these qualities. But it is a budget priced player with a decent sound, but to judge it alongside its more expensive and powerful cousins would be erroneous.

Pairing the Hifiman MegaMini with some of the $1000+ earphones is still surprisingly pleasing, but not entirely statisfactory - nor should it be. I would hazard a guess that earphones $100-$600 would be the sweet spot in matching for the Hifiman MegaMini.

When the screen is off the buttons dont function, to prevent accidental volume rises etc.
But one firm touch seems to bring the buttons back to functionality and one can adjust volume etc.
The two touch system seems quite sensible.

If one disconnects the earphones the MegaMini keeps playing, so be wary of battery drain.

In closing the Hifiman MegaMini is a great opportunity for those on a limited budget wanting a less expensive player, whilst not as detailed, smooth and resolving as others in a similar price range I am sure that If paired with the right earphones and activity the Hifiman MegaMini would be a satisfying purchase.

For those wanting more power, detail, soundstage and smoothness there are plenty of other Hifiman players higher up the food chain for one to select from.

Hifiman MegaMini, the entry level player for people on the go.

Hifiman MegaMini and ubsound Orchestra

Thank you to Hifiman for sending the MegaMini to Head pie for review


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