Fujiya Avic headphone festival 29/4/2022. Dita, Campfire Audio, iBasso, FiR Audio

Well i had a detailed write up of the show

And the writing app decided to delete it all

So here is a brief overview, as opposed to earlier more detailed one. Apologies

On with the show again….

The numbers were limited of who could attend due to the pandemic. 800 in all. One preregistered and got a qr code.

Two floors instead of the usual five and less foreign company representatives.

On with the main things i checked out

Dita, Fir Audio and Final Audio presentation

Campfire Audio new line up

iBasso DX320

Onwards (again).

The cool Dita crew

The Dita Perpetua builds on the original reference ‘The Truth’, the Dream which added mids and a naturalness, then the Fealty and Fidelity which were twins of distant sonic poles, the Dream XLS which stepped up the original Dream with a more beautiful casing and a fuller richer sound.

The Perpetua goes further than the Dream XLS retaining what is good and provides the listener with an intimate and emotional listening experience. It adds a fullness of body to the mix without sacrificing detail and dynamics.
Also a new Dita awesome plug 2!

I was there on the day they brought their first prototype around.
I was the first person they talked to and did some introductions and the first review. Great to see their growth for a deserving great bunch of people 

Fir Audio also had a presentation with the ceo dialing in

Great company, people and products

And Final Audio presenting their bt in ears and other goodies


Onto  Campfire Audio

A wide variety of shell shapes and different internals have proven the test of time.
Great people,
 Products and excellent customer service 

The new up and coming line up.

NOTE: the shells are beta test in black shells.
Final shells with be of other materials, colors and hues

Shapes of things to come

I shall dub this beta unit the Square

All BAs

Very Campfire style sound
Andro like, even, great upper detail

May contain new tech

Final version probably anodized aluminum 

The Diamond 

Planar and BA

Relaxed, space and air, spacious, good treble, sparkle.

SS shell

The Triangle

Powerful and dynamic, also laid back at the same time, good lower end, full.

Variety of shells (?)

Super Atlas/Vega?

Internals tba

The Circle

Solaris successor? I think so

A hybrid. 
Full, deep, wide, holographic. 

A hybrid. Solaris on steroids?


A planar custom IEM

Even, controlled, dense, deep. Another winner.

Via twitter multiverse

But wait! Theres more…shhh

Moving on before i lose all my notes again…


And the DX320

Not the best photos today

But meh, i dont care.
I was here to talk with people and listen to them and some gear


More high sound

Dx320/ amp? (New stock amp?)

Bit more soulful 
Nice low end (amp,
Dac or dap?)
Dense/has density (i do not mean thick or muddy)

Slow roll off filter

DX300 required more volume it seemed (ended up dx320 volume is limited at 63, dx300 at 100).

They are different. How would they be if each was using the same amp module,
Then we could really check the dac/board
Differences wtc

I fpr one am excited - a short listen at a show is meaningless. But i sense something interesting and i am intrigued. Everyone has their sound that they chase and mine has changed over time, but at the moment i am desiring a certain signature and wonder if this could be it.

Of course a daps job is to be fairly neutral and let the earphones perform as tuned. But daps these days often have a certain slight coloring and this is further  advanced by removable amp cards etc

Something interesting this way comes…

But yes. I like it and am excited with anticipation


Now for some
Random photos

Made it

Now dont crash before this post is saved 

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