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Introducing the latest anime girl boxed feature from
moondrop, Nekocake. 

A TWS with ANC (active noise cancellation), 13mm dynamic drivers, Bluetooth 5.0, 5 tunings, usb c charge case.

A cute girls voice gives settings prompts.


Also has a downloadable app to tune etc the buds to your preference.

Price: around $42.

Available here from an official Moondrop store:

As you can see above the Moondrop Nekocake comes with a bevy of options.

On with the undressing of the Nekocake


Very cute!

On with the unboxing…

Usual warranty and user guide manual

Simple packaging and a decent sized and solid charge case

Instruction video. How to use Nekocake

As seen above the various bluetooth codecs are not high end audiophile preferences such as LDAC or aptX etc. But they are quite adequate for daily use and the price.


Above. The ANC or active noise cancellation functioned as intended and the switch between ANC and normal mode was noticeable. Perhaps for commuting, a busy cafe or gym etc one might choise ANC.

Connection to the iBasso DX240 and an iphone was very easy. My wife reported that it was windows friendly.

The bluetooth seemed quite strong and i was able to walk around most of my house without problems. Only when i left my phone upstairs and when to the downstairs opposite bottom corner did i experience drops.

I did not do my usual walk and count my steps until it breaks up test.

It seemed sufficient for sensible use.

Great how it shows battery percent on the dap also.

Accompanying application

Tune to your sonic preference.
Five different tunings.

I would recommend downloading the app and trying out the different settings for yourself  and seeing what tickles your fancy and matches your sonic preferences and music choices.

They are quite strikingly different in their descriptions. Offering balanced, relaxed, bassy, transparent and forgiving, detail and bass.

Below is a summary of what each has to offer.

Lots of options to suit most users. Always a good thing to have some choices.

The Moondrop Nekocake is a casual use earphone that resembles many on the market that o have not tried.

Only recently coming out from my cave filled with MMCX cables and slowly entering into the present zeitgiest.

I guess since bluetooth has improved and also the earphones themselves i have started to become converted. Similar to how i skipped early edition daps and used dac/amps with ipod touches etc for a long time until the ui and battery life became better.

No use struggling to find enjoyment.

Bluetooth seems to have come of age and i enjoy the iBasso MMCX CF01 which i can connect with various IEMs for casual use or exercise etc.

I did for a time use earbuds for watching tv and movies on mobile devices etc but lately have been using various Bluetooth models for their convenience.

My general test for bluetooth earphones is to pass them onto my wife for a few weeks and see what she as a non audiophile and mainly a general consumer who uses them for work and occasionally music has to say.

She is all about function and comfort. Will they work with mac and windows? Her phone? How are they for Zoom meetings etc. how easy to use? Battery life etc.

The Moondrop Nekocase seemed to tick all her boxes. She was quite satisfied and has dumped her earlier go to Bluetooth earphones for the Nekocase.  

So thats a vote from her for sure.


With 5 filters to choose from its a bit hard to summarize.

Basically at stock you get an entry level TWS set of earphones with a generally pleasing and non offensive balanced sound, enough detail to please, good tonality, wide enough sound stage, medium bass - which is at a similar level to the mids and easy treble.

If you want to go further then play around with the app a bit to tune the settings to your personal liking.

The different filters are described in an above graphic, one can increase bass, decrease treble, make them more forgiving etc etc. but everyones ears are different as are their music tastes. So play around a bit and see which setting suits your style.

Its not an audiophile grade experience, but it is not meant to be. This is more for the general user but it hopefully gives hints of where Moondrop might be headed.
I for one would like to see Moondrop come out with an even higher level TWS.

Although not audiophile the Nekocase is a comfortable and enjoyable earphone to use in functions, fit and audio.

One can still quite happily enjoy their favorite tunes and tap their foot but perhaps the euphoric experience  might not be as peaked as with bling bling jewelry hi end multi ba or DD iems etc

The Moondrop Nekocake is a basic diamond that sparkles within the right setting and moment….

A selection of tips and a charge cable for the charging case are included

Extra information below the picture:

Thank you to Moondrop for sending Head pie the Nekocake for review

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