ddhifi - XLR44B. XLR 4pin to 4.4mm balanced adapter

ddhifi are by now no strangers to the audiophile world and audiophiles with their many handy solutions in the way of adapters, cases and much more.

Introducing today a much needed item at an affordable price - hooray! - the XLR 4 pin to 4.4mm adapter.

Theres not much to say about an adapter. They either do the job well or not. The ddhifi goods i have found solid for everyday use.

The XLR adapter is a great device that simply does the trick without any undue coloration.

Finally i get to use the XLR on the CEntrance Hifi-m8 v2! Happy days.

Find it on aliexpress or amazon etc

A few close ups of the build

Simple and easy to use.

Finally get to utilize the XLR output on the CEntrance Hifi-m8v2

Using the iBasso DX240 as transport over bluetooth.

Wired connection using Hidizs AP80 via ddhifi usb c to usb c cable. Easy connection.

Thank you to ddhifi for sending the adapter for a showcase

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