Campfire Audio - 7 releases in 7 days

Enter a new dimension of HiFi with the Campfire Audio Multiverse! A week long event, revealing new, mind-bending products from an alternate reality. We will reveal one product per day for 7-days, a special never-before-seen event!

Products will be reimagined favorites, new configurations, or long-forgotten special editions, available in extremely limited numbers! Keep your eyes peeled for updates and releases! They’ll be gone as fast as they arrive!

By signing up you will receive early access to each days release.


Glo-rion: 30
Shrink ray: 80
Titanium series: 30
Night sky 3d: 8
Onyx: 200
ISE: 8
King: 6

As usual i have no idea what these releases will contain. I do not usually ask companies many questions and leave their business up to them. Many also play their cards close to their chest anyway. What comes may come….

Lets look at the names from the link and do some imagining anyways

Guess time!!

Follow the beacon…

Glo-Orion - this ones easy. Orion with Holocene/Mammoth glow in the dark cable (ends)  i guess.??


Has technology gone too far??

Shrink-ray -

Something in a smaller shell? Can only think of a smaller Solaris

Ara in a smaller shell?

Something in one of the Honeydew/Satsuma shells? But a different color.


Two for two!


Enter an alternate reality…

Titanium series - 

Dunno. Titanium Andro ala the SS model?
But too many Andros in this guessing game already

Not an atlas i think

Titanium Ara we already had.
Something in a Titanium shell…Mammoth ti??

Three for three!!

Close enough


Reveal the world above…

Night sky - 3D -

An all black Andromeda gold  (non Gold)?
Inner black shell, out shell black with gold flecks. Black screws. 

Follow the call of the dark…

Onyx - 

Already had a inlay solaris se, an all black patterned Solaris. 
SE Solaris with Onyx inlay?

A coveted aquatic gem…

Ise - 

A Andromeda MW10 universal release as it was a Japan only release and ISE is in Japan and is famous for it divers of shellfish. Also original model was blue hinting at the sea.???

One to rule them all…

King -  A new release? Perhaps a DD with more BAs than previous? Or One could be a single grand DD ?

planar iem or electrostatic?<< doubt

Hmm. Gonna get back to you on this..


1). Called it (was an easy guess)

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