iBasso DX240 - DX220 successor - new pics - October 2021 release. Updated Oct 4th



UPDATED. With tons more photos and specs etc

Release date is said to be mid October, price approx $900.


Compatible with AMP1 to AMP8 (Or is it amp1 & amp8 - i do not know…)
In-house developed FPGA-Master Technology
ESS ES9038Pro
Snapdragon 660

Everything upgraded it seems. Combined with the speediness of the DX300. Curious how the stock amp it comes with will be like.

Musin video: iBasso Japan distributor. 
Showing the DX240. 

Video from 31:17

Stills from the video

My thoughts on the older modules and how they might fit

There will either have to be included several versions in the box or to buy individually or as a set( module cases)

how many variations are there from DX200/DX220


Strictly speaking about the amp cases.

stocks amp1/amp1 mk2 and amp6 (dx150) have three holes.

amp 2, 3, 5, 7 have two holes.

amps 4/4s/8/8ex have one 4.4mm hole.

So three cases needed -

if we dont count the DX240 amp case which seems to have larger holes than earlier module versions in the module case.

Via Weibo

And more in 2021!


  1. I'm wondering amp9's not compatible. They got equal measurements...

    1. No idea. Its not listed and supposedly doesnt fit. Who knows - maybe we will be surprised later by the appropriate required firmware update… or not.

  2. In any case seems the amps arr different design compared with module of dx200/220 so the amplifier is the same but in different chassis

    1. Yes. The earlier amps 1-9 came in three footprints (3 port, 2 port, one 4.4mm port). So there will probably i guess be empty amp chassis to transfer older amps into to fit the new design

  3. Great review, seeing that it is now possible to get a DX300 for about $1,000 what would be your recommendation? DX300 or DX240? Or even a FiioM11 Plus?

    1. Thanks. Although this is just an information post. Putting everything i could find at the time in one place. I now have a DX240 for about a week - review will come in a few weeks probably. Got to get to know it more. And do comparisons with previous ibasso daps dx200/220/300 etc. not sure in the difference between the 240 ess dac and 300 cirrus dac and also the amp modules combined with dacs…/ see the unboxing photos post - size might be a factor for some. If you want more of a all in one home media device - dx300, if you want more pocketable/smaller dx240. As for which sounds ‘better’. I guess each would be more of a side grade - but still i have uet to compare properly side by side…/ i have not heard the fiiom11 plus sorry, only the m11. I do like FiiO THX AAA though…

  4. Thanks for your reply. I'm currently using an M15 and I'm quite satisfied with the sound but the use of the device with such an old version of Android (7) is what bothers me the most and I’m planning to move to an Android 9 or 10 device

    1. I just finished the iBasso DX240 review and put it up today. Check it out and please leave a comment telling me what you think.


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