DD Hifi TC35 Pro series DACs and adapters

DDhifi is no stranger to most of the portable audio world by now.

Having their roots within previous companies and now creating their own new thing DDhifi has successfully won many fans and hearts with their well built, stylish and reasonably priced cables and adapters.

More information of their ever growing range here:

The latest TC35 range adds to their already capable dacs and dongles range. 
Featuring the excellent build we are familiar with and ESS dacs for speed, spaciousness and detail. 

TC35 Pro (T) Tetris usb to 3.5mm decoder:

DD Hifi has an adapter for all your needs. Really. With more on the way.

Many of the earlier versions are updated from adapters to connector cables, cases, IEM cables etc.

If only we had such a wealth of affordable options back in the day.

At the risk of seeming like a spammy bastard i am am going to show some of the range of items in the hope that those looking for a solution to a problem might be able to find it here.
I too know the frustration of not being able to solve/fix an issue.

Theres a few ddhifi items not listed below, but i am sure you can squirrel them out. Happy hunting :)

Here we go…

Bonus post:

ddhifi 4.4mm to 2.5mm balanced adapters. New and old versions.

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