iBasso IT01x impressions and comparisons

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Impressions and comparisons

The IT01x is a side grade and an upgrade from IT01s/IT00 in that it shares similarities of both but exceeds them in overall performance (and fit/comfort). 

The IT01s and IT01x are close in some ways such as nice full bodied low end, a certain refinement, medium soundstage. 

The IT01s shares the fullness of IT00 esp in the lows, the IT01s is more refined, a bit laid back, bass medium fast, forward vocals and a more spherical stage than IT00 height and width stage.

The IT01x is more transparent, still full bodied but more controlled, a satisfying low end and active mid range, separation is better, it approaches reference tuning (IT01s is more warm), a bit more linear with some slight coloring (less than IT00, IT01s), technical.

In contrast to my earlier guessing - the IT01x is closer in general signature to IT04 than IT07.

It would be an upgrade over the IT00, as for the IT01s I think it is overall taking into account fit, comfort, inner components and improved DD driver etc. But in some ways it is also a side grade as ones taste may lean towards the comparatively warmer (though not excessively) IT01s rather than the more airy, transparent, technical and more linear IT01x.

I find myself that i will use the IT01x more than i used the IT00 or IT01s.


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