More to come in due course... its just been unboxed! But i have had a few hours playing around with it and am initially enamored with it.

Black background, dynamic depth and a generally beautiful listening experience.

After having had the N8 loaned a while back, and currently the N6ii on loan with a variety of daps it will be good to compare. Not to mention the generally positive word on the street about this latest player from Cayin.

I have delved into the solid state more than the tubes so far, as the journey has just begun...but it starts with a general positive impression that makes me want to listen more.

More detailed information here:

Nice to have the option to add the Hi-Res stickers yourself and starter guide book

Usb A to usb C for charging and data transfer etc

Plasticky case included. I will stick with the gorgeous green and metal special sauce case

Screen protectors already installed. A personal favorite.

Next to an iphone SE for size comparison

Smexy buttons

A variety of outputs

A micro sd card shaped plastic was inserted to protect the slot

Basic UI visual intro

System setting and music settings (always read the manual! ‘Doh!’

(Swipe up).

For more detailed information specs and whatnot visit the source

More to come soon!