Early rigs (2010?).  We have the basic ipod nano 3rd generation from 2007 I liberated from my wife :), the Fiio E5 which was possibly my first portable amplifier and did wonders for my Sennheiser MX-760 ear buds at the time. Also pictured are the ibasso T3 and ATH-ESW9 my first upgrades where I spent what I viewed at the time as a sizeable chunk of cash. Plus ipod 5th  gen 30GB . One qables LOD and an Audiotrak LOD.
All fitted out with rubber bands and terrible MP3 recordings.
Altoids box for scale.

iBasso DX220 Max
& Campfire Audio Solaris 2020 with Xelastec tips

They passed the train commute test and stayed in place well with very excellent isolation.

They seem to take time ‘to warm up’ and then they are more controlled in the sub bass/bass than initial insertion. 

They form their shape to your ears with body heat - fit and sound improving with time

I just ordered more (multipack) sizes off amazon (a size or two down from your normal size depending in earphone - or so it seems...)

Japan Amazon

USA Amazon

NOTE: Head pie does not make any money from amazon links - just sharing teh love.

i bought my first pack at Fujiya Avic and then ordered two more packs (MS/M/ML and SS/S/M) off amazon japan
They seem to come in a two pack

or a three pack of various sizes.

say for the Andromeda i usually use a Yellow ML/ Blue tip L - right and left ear

for Xelastec i am using a MS/M

You will note above the Xelastec and Spiral Dots++ dont correspond exactly in size.

You may have to go down a size than normal

i recommend trying one of the sample packs first for experimenting with size (See the options on the amazon link)

Quick & fast impressions:

With iBasso DX220 amp 8EX and Campfire Audio MW10 and Ara

 Fairly even
Slight v
More high focus.
Wide and deep.
Vocals forward front and center.
Takes time to warm up for tight sub bass and bass.
More full with more volume

Spiral dots++
Wider sound stage.
Width, depth and height.
More mids
Good staging, imaging.
Full deep

Final Audio:
Smaller sound stage.
W sig
Vocals forward.
Good, though slightly subdued dynamics.