FiiO FA9 showcase and information

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The FiiO FA9 is the latest earphone from
Fiio whose details one can easily discern from the above image.

An early and somewhat irregular premature listening session found the FA9 to be a true successor to the FH7 and in my short listening time with the switches not advanced to any particular place from the graphic below found it to be full bodied and well balanced, and no excesses of treble. 
Enjoyably coherent, i did unusually find myself absorbed in an immediate listening session rather than situating them immediately on the burn in shelf as per usual. Instantly appealing and attractive.

Shall we move on?


Whereupon we trust thine eyes of the dear reader to draw from the images the necessary answers to their multiple
questions and queries.

A cornucopia of accessories greets one upon the derobing of the outer cardboard garments.

Tips galore for all shapes, sizes and social engagements.

A faux leather case for added protection against all weather and roaming scoundrels.

A handy guide of whats what. What?

The divine uncovered

Switches, mixes, tricksters.

Tune the FA9 to your particular sonic preference. Add into the mix a wide range of tips and options for aural pleasure and satisfaction are limitless.

Not unsurprisingly like the regular return of the seasons and our yearly orbit around the sun, the FiiO FA9 is an excellent match with one of its siblings the FiiO M11.

So shiny like the lost jewels of revolutions past.

A softer case for those simple spring days when the sun is shining and one walks with thine beloved under the sun whilst they shelter beneath a parasol on the promenade.

Absolutely gorgeous, one finds oneself absolutely Gaga at these brilliant little monsters. The fit is as a tailored suit from Saville Row for a jaunty trip down the Nile.


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