DDHifi audio cases C-2020 and C-2019

I think the embryonic seed of the C-2020 case emerged from scenes like the photo below.

Some people into music like to carry several daps plus earphones and keep them protected whilst on or off the move. 
Sure one can carry several cases but that is not always practical or efficient.

We also see above the C-2019 a black version of the earlier C-2019 case. (A link to the review of that earlier edition is at the end of this article).

Check the DDHifi product line of cases and adapters here: https://www.ddhifi.com/

Also available on aliexpress and amazon.

DDHifi - quality goods that i use often.

DDHifi C-2020

Big enough for all your audiophile on the go needs or storage at home or away.

More information here:

Beautifully made.
Reminiscent of the earlier C-2019 model.

Includes a hand strap and a shoulder strap.
Case or a bag? You decide.

Enough room for two (or more?) daps or...

Snug as bugs in a rug.

Ah there is the rug.
Nice and cozy. Besties!

Two top sleeves for cables, tips or IEMs.

Double sided! One case, two sides!

‘But wait, theres more!’

Could it? Would it? Would i?

I did and it did.
I held the iBasso DX220 Max with ease,
and charger. Omg!

Closed up without stressing the case.

Shoulder strap.
Throw in few bank cards and your cellphone and off you go.

Hand strap - for those unafraid.

Enter the dragon. C-2019.
A variant of the first case this time in black  and slightly more vertical room.

And a peak a boo hole for you IEM cables.

Internals. Simple and functional. 

No. Could it, would it, should i? ...no!??

Oh yes the C-2019 (black) case fits the iBasso DX220 Max. ‘Its a miracle!’

And IEMs too.

It also closes with ease.

The top portion can store all your extra bits and bobs.

And a regular sized dap...

Plus one or two different IEMs.

I wonder if i could stack a DX160 on top as well...

The original (and still available) C-2019 case and the black version.

Slightly more head room in the black case.

I tried to put the iBasso DX220 Max into
the earlier C-2019 case.
It fitted - But a bit of squeeze.
- Better for regular sized daps.

The first case from DDHifi:

DDHifi has many other niche products:

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