Campfire new release round up final boss summary coming soon

Campfire Audio new releases Solaris 2020, Andromeda 2020 and Ara round up coming soon. Where i stitch the various impressions i have posted and add some summary.  In brief:

Andromeda 2020:
it seems like safest choice and has an ability to be an all rounder. More of a warm, smoother w sound than the V3, with good detailing and retains that Andro treble.

Solaris 2020:
If you want more low end and love that holographic sound stage, more mids than the OG...and the smaller shell of course.

More a reference or studio sound. Technical and articulate. Enough low end to please still.


​The overall sense of the latest CA releases is one of maturity and competency. They are all very coherent and excellently tuned.

I think it comes down to an individuals sonic preference with this latest release.


Ara vs Andromeda MW10 (June 4th).

I received the Andromeda MW10 back yesterday.

So here is a quick summary from some shuffling back and forth.

Stock cables:
Ara - smokey litz
MW10 - Superlitz

Ara: More treble extension. More refined. Detailed. Excellent imaging and separation. More reference.
Seems wider.

MW10: More lower mids and bass. Vocals more forward. More a wall of sound effect. More linear.

To the listener the Ara might appear more refined or a MW10 ‘developed’. It has been said that the Ara is a mid way point between the Gold and the MW10.

oh well i will have to get out the Gold again sometime...

They are close.
Very close. The above is from very picky listening


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