Elf ear earphones - snapshot!

What started as a possible funny review idea (like car ear earphones) it generally went lost but not forgotten.

I ‘cough’ put my money where my mouth was (absent of brain) ‘for the ‘luls’ as the kids used to say before they hit their twenties and the shock of work, rent, bills and crushing student debt crushed any ‘luls’ outta them.

So i bought em and never got around to opening them. The joke was not inviting enough / and i guess a good part of that would be me or finding someone to wear em and be photographed. Luckily i am saved by stock photos.

Listening: i was actually surprised. No idea of what kind of driver is inside but they are actually quite listenable. 
Typical easy to driver DD i guess. Looks like a 10mm in the specs shot above.

Well color me surprised.

(Not that i am going to commute with them).

Waiting for someones birthday or Christmas time to light up someones life with a ‘special’ gift for a ‘special’ someone.

‘Snapshot’ borrowed from Twister6...for the ‘luls’ (editor note: the writer has used the term
‘Luls’ for this article and it is in no way part of his daily vocabulary ~ forgive him).


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