FiiO M3 Pro feature

The FiiO M3 Pro.

The good people at FiiO contacted me and offered to send a FiiO M3 Pro dap.

Like many others at this time i am at home due to the CoVid-19 crisis affecting countless countries and people around the globe.

I have time, but i also have no time it seems.

FiiO kindly sent me a n early sneak peak ink to the product page of this smexy wee dap.
I was taken by its fine lines and many features being the next stage from the M3< M3K to now the M3Pro.

Head pie has reviewed the M3 and M3K at different times. (As well as the M7, M9 and X7ii and a few FiiO earphones). 
Early simple site days and latter days when the site turned in a satire of itself.

I looked at the webpage and thought apart from some minor impressions everything was already there. So why not just cut out the middle man and put that information up.

Some reviewers go well into depth and detail and that is appreciated. But they are few and far between. My days of endless testing and comparisons and TLDR and plugging in this and unplugging that are behind me.

These days also many brands practically write their own reviews anyway and have all the information that just a few years back we had to dig for.

People will be wondering how is the user interface?, how are the features?
I would presume the dap follows a neutral sound which is the usual thing these days for most dap releases.

No doubt we will hear from some reviewers soon.

But for me. I said save yourself a review unit and i will put the details up for the good public to read.

Price? Soon to announced. Probably around the $100 mark at a guess.


Sir Spamsalot reporting with the news...

Thank you to FiiO for the offer of sending a M3 Pro for review.
But i think they did a great job of showcasing it themselves.

Hmm, i am kinda wanting one now after looking at all the cool photos...


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