ISN Audio H40 3BA+1 Dynamic Driver - showcase and impressions

ISN Audio H40 3BA+1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid MMCX HiFi Audiophile IEMS 
ISN H40, 4 drivers hybrid earphone, Custom 1 Balanced Armature and composite 2 Balanced Armature and 9.2mm dynamic driver.
Earphone housing is resin.
MMCX connector design, Improve the playability
Sound signature : 
The low frequency is quick with a good dive. 
The middle frequency is at the forefront with more resolution. 
The high frequency is crispy and there is a good sense of air. 
The soundstage gives a surround sound.
Brand:ISN Audio
Model: H40
Driver:3 Balanaced Armature + 1 Dynamic driver
Dynamic driver : 9.2mm
3 Balanaced Armature: Custom 1 BA for middle Frequency + composite 2BA for high frequency
Impedance : 22 Ω @1khz
Sensitivity : 105 ± 3dB @1khz
Frequency response : 20-20kHz
Connector: MMCX
Plug: 3.5mm
Cable length: 1.2M
ISN H40 earphone
Price US$195.00

The H40 by ISN Audio is a punchy and exciting IEM.

Sporting 3 Balanced Armatures and 1 Dynamic Driver it enters into the endgame fray of the battle of the hybrids.

It offers a variety of cable choices as pictured earlier above.

The mids seem to be the main event of this earphone, approaching a w sound signature with a raised middle.
Neither of the far ends of bass and treble are shy, but it certainly is the mids which are prominent.

The vocals sit within the music at most floating a tad above, certainly not forward.

I would sensibly pair this with a smartphone or mid fi dap at most.
It is fairly coherent as a hybrid but a totl dap would certainly reveal any shortcomings which would not be apparent with a more suitably matched dap.
By shortcomings i am not referring to anything lacking or specific but as general rule of thumb to pair earphones and daps well.

Whilst a totl earphone might play well with a basic dap or phone, a basic earphone rarely scales up suitably.

For two hundred dollars you a well done hybrid that is by and large coherent, but dont expect a CA Solaris.

It has a quite decently large soundstage. Wide with good depth and a mid height.

Has punchiness for days, but is smooth and forgiving also. Almost seems to have an analog signature at times.

I did not find it a tiring earphone (Sound and fit) and expect most people could listen to it comfortably for a long length of time.

It is also a great looking earphone from the shells to the beautifully braided cable.
The shells stick out a bit - but i did not find this interfered with comfort or fit at all.

It has a slight warmth to the sound so a more neutral dap might be a good pairing. Imho.

I used exclusively stock tips and cable. One may benefit from some tip rolling.
There is a decent enough selection of tips to either bring out the mids, or a more airy treble focus and the foams to focus a bit more on t he low end. These are small tweaks however and the general signature is maintained mostly.

Clear slicone/ green stem - more low end and mids.

Dark/ red stem - more low end.

Clear/ green stem - more balanced overall, less dynamic.

Overall it is fairly smooth and enveloping, it has enough sound stage and imaging to please,  fairly controlled, decent body and density.
Not for people looking for a treble or airy focussed iem.

A pleasant hybrid with enough subtle tuning options available from tip rolling.

Thank you to Penon Audio for sending Head pie the H40.


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