CEntrance Cerene db Headphones and FiiO M11

I finally had a chance to have more than a passing listen to the headphones.

I had my doubts due to the style seemingly similar outwardly to the ATH-50 Headphones. I was wondering whether it might be a lazy OEM or rebranding etc.

Buuuuut i have known Michael since the days of the earliest Hifi-m8 development and hosted one of the threads to it on head fi before i started my own blog and also before head fi set up their own dedicated review section. I still have the Hifi-m8

‘We trust in Mike’

So i had slight doubts but trust Centrance and have always like the full bodied sound signature they have. Not bloated but even over all. I am not a fan of v or L shapes at all, or elegant treble focussed.

“Accurate low frequency performance

- Custom-tuned, balanced midrange and transparent high frequency presentation”

<<<The above is an accurate summary of its performance. And matched my experience.

At US$200 there is not much one can complain at.

No doubt the non detachable cable would be an obvious one.

Buuuut US$200

Very easy to listen to.

Nice even presentation.
Female and male vocals done well. Not too forward nor recessed.

Quite a good job.

I have not put it against other more high end headphones on the head phone switcher box. (Or $1000 daps)
I used iBasso DX160 and FiiO M11 to test.

*I also look forward to trying them with the PS4 on some FPS games.

Fit is comfortable (for me). I did not have to bend the headband to get a nice seal.

I will do an additional write up in due course as i work my way through the queue.

But i like it. And that makes my job easier.


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