2019 - The Rise of the mid dap to maturity.
2020- Might well be the realm of the mid fi iems.

This year we have seen many excellent products across the board being released.

Many i would heartily recommend.

Many sites have come and gone.

Flavor of the month iems also have risen and fallen by the wayside.

Making a decision can be hard within the cacophony of sounds from all sides which is why Head pie has brought you the best of the best to aid you in your final decision.

So as you lie in the comfort of you own warm
bed let me announce this years audiophile gear winner of 2019!

This years winner is:

Pure 100% audiophile bathwater. Rich in depth, musical at times, liquid and transparent with a decided weight to it.

Available here:

Many other options to choose from.

A real winner in todays crowded marketplace.

*audiophile not included.

Dignis case for iBasso DX220.

*(xmas present for myself)

Earphones: iBasso AM05