DC02 : 3.5mm unbalanced AK4490EQ, 90mW (32 Ohms) outputs . 9gr

DC01 : 2.5mm balanced, AK4493EQ 113mW (32 ohms) outputs.11gr

iBasso DC01 
iBasso DC02 

*The Hidizs AP80 is an excellent stand alone music player by itself and is used purely for illustrative purposes.

These two dac amps are aimed at Android, USB- C music players etc with usb functions and PC/Mac via USB A.

Please see the directions picture above for compatibility.

* I also got it to work with the Apple camera connection kit (CCK) with iphone SE and ipod touch 6G. 

iBasso DX160 and Shozy Pola 39

iBasso DX160
and Campfire Audio Atlas

iBasso DX160 
Campfire Audio Andromeda

iBasso DX160 review


iBasso DX160 and DX220

iBasso DX160 review


The DX160 - !For the Music! 

MSRP 399 USD.   Price will vary in areas due to import fees and transportation costs. 

4.4mm Balanced Output
Output Voltage: 6.4Vrms   
FR:10Hz~40kHz +/-0.15dB     
S/N: 130dB    
THD+N: 0.00022% (no Load, 3Vrms),0.00022% (32Ω Load, 3Vrms) 
Crosstalk: -125dB
3.5mm Single Ended Phone Out:
Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms  
FR:10Hz~40kHz +/-0.15dB      S/N: 125dB    
THD+N: 0.0004% (no Load, 2Vrms),0.0007% (32Ω Load, 2Vrms)  
Crosstalk: -115dB
Line Out:
Output Voltage: 3.2Vrms     
FR: 10Hz~40kHz +/- 0.15dB   S/N: 125dB   
THD+N: 0.00035% (no Load, 2Vrms)   
Crosstalk: -113dB
Playtime: 13 hours depending upon volume, bit rate and monitor load. 

Unboxing soon