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Shozy POLA39 Review

- expatinjapan

`Dynamic, immersive, cultured kaleidoscopic beauty, untamed & tightly tuned`

...are handily written on the box.


Gorgeous shells accompanied by a cable which is collaboration with new brand Symphonym.

Sound, impressions and overall

The Shozy Pola39 is the latest and greatest from Shozy. 
Does it measure up to todays demanding standards?
Certainly past Shozy releases have been general crowd pleasers. Each year the Shozy brand seems to reach further and further beyond earlier offerings.
Whilst earlier releases tended to be more in the entry level to mid fi range Shozy seems to have taken a leap of faith with the Shozy Pola39.

It is a looker with its Symphonym cable and glorious shells. But in a sea full of true and false beautiful cables and budget translucent IEM shells the visual part of the market has been well and truly cloned across the board. many using the similar design and innards with varying results.

Shozy has produced daps in the past with simple user interfaces and yet always focussed on excellent sound reproduction. This is one thing that sets Shozy apart is their focus on the users sonic experience. From the affordable Shozy Zero to later releases Shozy has been a reliable brand. 

I did try an earlier Shozy Pola prototype and enjoyed it over a coffee and conversation in a quiet cafe. But these short listens in a cafe, shop or at a show give a glimpse but never really reveal a products true nature or worth. Time. 

Listening time, tip rolling, cable swapping and listening through various daps at home, commuting and walking about the bustling city reveal am earphones true face.

Since then I have had ample time to listen to the Shozy Pola39. In many conditions and configurations. 

But i dither...many come for a simple bass/mids/treble/imaging/soundstage report. Easy enough to type out, but prefer writing, and reading.

So onto the simple stuff. Is it worth the money? My non-audiophile workers and family would probably say `whaaat!?`. This reaction from heathens is probably familiar to many readers who purchase esoteric audio goods and have a love of music and wanting to hear it in the best way possible from Dap to tips.

I would say yes. At the time I also had the Meze Rai Penta, Campfire Audio Gold and others and was rotating between them all to discern the various subtle differences.
The airiness, clarity, focus and detail of the Meze Rai Penta was a close relative to the Shozy Pola39

I gave them over 100 hours burn in to please the believers as usual, and the others do not care. So once again everyone is happy in that respect.

The Shozy Pola39 is a delicate earphone in that it is not brash, smoothness without a veil, extended without fracturing and enough active dynamism to keep the music alive, mids elevated to the point where vocals are clear, emotive and pleasing. Bass is a mystery at times, yet is not absent and is responsive and full at the necessary times.

Simply put. Nice clarity and with decent treble reach, mids  present well enough with slightly forward vocals. Strong but reticent bass. Open, detailed, tight, refined, energetic.

The Shozy Pola39 has a decent soundstage, great head room and width.

The Shozy Pola38 responds well to a decent source/dap and certainly one with enough power to give the electrostatic driver the juice it needs to move it more fluently.

The fit is firm and comfortable for me. I played with various eartips (Stock, JVC Spiral Dots ++, Acoustune 08, Final Audio etc) and settled on the AZLA SednaTips for fit and sound.
The shell of the Pola39 easily fits within my concha with a nice notch for the tragus. Almost custom built for my ears which is a plus for me.

Musical reproduction, performance and sonic signatures aside the Shozy Pola39 shell and accompanying cable is a sexy beast of an earphone. Incredible audio with beautiful aesthetics is not always achieved in a single earphone.

Waiting for Pola69 #opportunitymissed.

2nd generation electrostatic iem/ciem - POLA39 is available in limited quantity
Featuring :
- ACG genre optimized tuning with lush mids, fast and deep bass impact and extremely transparent treble
- New fast, responsive proprietary 10 mm dynamic driver + DUAL electrostatic drivers
- Smaller housing
- New venting design
- New stainless-steel nozzle 
- Mother of pearl faceplate
- Special color theme
- Symphonym OCC copper cables
- Premium leather case / collection box

CIEM options are available.

`My soul is a hidden orchestra; I know not what instruments, what fiddle strings and harps, drums and tamboura I sound and clash inside myself. All I hear is the symphony.`
—  Fernando Pessoa, 1888-1935, Portuguese poet & writer.

Thank you to Shozy for sending Head pie the Pola 39 for review


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