Campfire Audio C/2019 Q4 unboxing

C / 2019 Q4 Overview:
Housing material: Anodized aluminum housing
Driver: Balanced armature type
Number of drivers: 3 Drivers
Technology: TAEC, 3D Printed Acoustic Chamber

adopts acoustic chamber molded by ALO audio 10th anniversary special model 3D printer
Japan and USA limited sale
Strato Blue anodized aluminum case
ALO Audio Smoky Litz Cable will be attached
Silver zipper premium leather case

Campfire Audio
 C/2019 Q4 limited edition and Campfire Audio Andromeda MW10 limited edition

Andomeda MW10 unboxing:

Campfire Audio C/2019 Q4 and CA Polaris

Campfire Audio C/2019 Q4 and CA Polaris 2

Campfire Audio IO and Campfire Audio C/2019 Q4

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