Fujiya Avic Tokyo Headphone Show 11/2019

Text, observations and word salad to be added later. For now enjoy the photos.

Before the flood of people with early Press access.

iFi Audio - Always excellent

Cable, mods n stuff

Astrotec - decent gear

Hidizs AP80 one of my favorite mini daps

Campfire Audio with two new models.

A retuned Andromeda
And a 3 driver model.

This was around when the doors opened and the mass of audiophiles started flooding in.

CDs and vinyl !

Love this stuff!


FiiO M11 and M11 Pro

Dita and the DREAM XLS

Meze with their new stellar range 

Amos (Currawong) and Mr. Meze

Waiting for my time to try the iBasso DX220 Max

iBasso DX220 Max.

A mix of unfamiliar music and a limited time rendered my results inconclusive.

Bravo Cupid - a steady contender for a first IEM choice

Future dates:


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