iBasso commuting and friends

iBasso DX160 with filter 3 (@Whitigir  review recommendation), low gain and the new Nick Cave album. Using Andromeda Gold.

A coherent dap, good ui (see my video posted earlier), great battery life for my style of use (Flac), allows the earphones to reach their sound stage potential (no joking), excellent layering and timbre.

For the eagle eyes:

iBasso DX220/amp 9, iBasso DX160, Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold, CA Andromeda V3, Shozy Pola 39, Meze Rai Penta, Campfire Audio Solaris with DD Hifi 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter, DD Hifi carry case and smaller Shozy case. Plus lots of tips! (Yes, at Starbucks again- i like the circular table with dark background).


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