Shanling ME100 impressions

Shanling ME100 impressions


Shanling enters into the earphone circuit with barely an eye flutter and a decent early offering.

Following on with their popular dap releases this marks another new territory for Shanling to no doubt find success in.

The Shanling ME100 is a basic looking earphone with a friendly size that i would think would sit comfortably in most ears.

A basic shell and no frills design makes it an attractive choice for one seeking aural rather than aesthetic choices of modern bling bling, although the old adage of ‘simple is best’ comes to mind. Although the aluminum shells fools the eyes that it might be plastic. No these are well crafted.

A bevy of tips allows one to tailor the sound and also to find that optimum fit and seal for achieving the best which the ME100 can offer.

The ME100 follows the excellent idea of using a single dynamic driver whilst most are going for a hybrid set up. One gets a more stable
 and reliable tuning and sound.

Its a fast earphone, that responds quickly without overly  lingering notes and has a more than adequate soundstage than extends most directions out to a medium sphere like space with emphasis on height and depth.

It has a great clearness and clarity, i would like to have a bit more bass myself as i think it would round out the sound nicely.

All in all a decent first effort from Shanling at a good price.

Also released is the more high end entry the ME500.


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