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Satin Audio Cables impressions
- The Kraken and the Chimera -

Satin Audio has gone from a quiet dark horse to a well known maker cables since i received these cables for review earlier this year. This review is late like many others in my queue (apologies). But with that it has been quite amazing to see the rapid development of the Satin Audio brand in 2019.

Satin Audio produce high quality cables for an entry level price, in the future the prices might rise to match their quality in build and sound.

Release the Kraken!

The Kraken from Satin Audio is a work of art, a bespoke hand made creation from Vietnam.

Made of OCC Pure Copper Type 4 Litz braided with OCC Pure Silver Type 4 Litz using the highest purity silver and copper the kraken starts at US$159 and goes up depending on which connectors etc you choose.

The Kraken is probably the second ranked cable in Satin Audio line up, the first being The Medusa.

I am quite the fan of silver and copper mixes as they seem to bring out the mids of an earphone without sacrificing the highs or placing and undue emphasis on them either.

The Kraken is a cable which performs this well. Well built and hand crafted the Kraken is pleasure to hold and view.

If you want to tighten up your earphones performance the Kraken is probably the one to do it (Whilst the Chimera will add warmth and a bit of neutral smoothness).

The Kraken will add more to the upper mid range and treble in my experience.

Satin Audio:

The Chimera

The Chimera by Satin Audio consists of OCC pure copper type 4 Litz mixed with OCC silver plated copper type 4 Litz, 26AWG and using the highest purity copper.

Starting at US$117 and upwards depending on the choice of connectors etc

The Chimera is third ranked in the Satin Audio line up.

The Chimera is a silver coated copper cable with all that entails, with a few expectations. Gone are the old days when copper meant dark (and at times muddy) these days cables have improved so that one gets that lovely rich warmth that one expects but also with a clarity of the highs not being dampened.

That said this is a litz cable which is basically silver plated copper so the above is somewhat redundant. Litz is often what one gets when buying a set of IEMs. 

This cable adds a decent amount of body to lows and upwards towards the mids, treble is nice and controlled. Probably pairs better with more neutral earphones than bassy ones.

The result is a veering towards a V shape typical of most of Litz cables, very smooth and natural with an emphasis on the Bass, then the highs and slightly to the mids.

*(2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter sold separately)

Satin Audio produce well priced cables that sound great at a fraction of the cost of more established makers. Whether this will remain the same in the future we will have to wait and see.

Packaging, presentation, accessories and cable build are all top notch.

Solid firm cables, with decent parts and no memory wire.

If one is on a budget forget about buying some random cable on an online store and go straight to Satin Audio Cables. High end build and sound for a fraction of the price.

Thank you to Satin Audio for sending Head pie the Kraken and Chimera cables for review


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