iFi Audio PowerStation unboxing & early impressions

Specifications and inner details here:

I have only spent an afternoon in my home using the iFi Powerstation with my humble set up, i had initial doubts about the technical esoteric wizardry of it all. But color me impressed so far.
A few sonic aberrations which were distinct to my ears whilst playing music before - seem to have been addressed through the use of the iFi PowerStation.
But i still want to learn more about this device.

More to come...

Next day musings:

Still early days. My home system is a fairly basic but decent Onkyo. 

With  the iFi PowerStation: initial impressions - 

Before with a standard power strip: it is like the difference between a low powered basic dap - when you have to turn up the volume a lot to get ‘everything’ but it is not satisfying, not powered enough. And the resolution is falsely there,
If at all. 
Even with the volume turned up bits of music would still be recessed or smeared somewhat.

With the iFi PowerStation...a parallel could be that the hone system is akin to a decent dap with oodles of power and better internal shielding etc. I am probably using 1/4 less volume and hearing more intricacies of the music. It is Like the benefits of a totl dap and totl IEMs.  

Less volume, more music, lower floor noise, more resolution.

It is like a choke point has been fixed in my system.

It’s long! TWSS!


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