Potafest e-earphone 7/2019

Rainy day, but i braved the weather and trudged off to Akihabara. Its been a while.

I do love the different companies at each of the shows (e-earphone or Fujiya avic).

Veni, vici,...veni....

Outside is the mobile e-earphone selling machine and generic and cool brand gear on display

Enter the Dragon

Love the high ceilings, very relaxing

iBasso Japan and Musin, plus Symbio Mandarine tips

Going for gold, amp 9

iBasso DX220 amp case to put on my amp 8. Smexy!

Symbio Mandarine Tips

Empire Ears

Plenty of muscle in those IEMs, and “you jump, i jump Jack”

Shaking hands with two Legends...Jacks father and Legend X :)

New! Valkyrie (?)

Astrotec with a few good looking and great sounding new products

Meze. Pushing the boundaries of whats possible with the Empyrean and Penta

Campfire Audio with their solid line up as always

AAW Advanced AcousticWerkes have made solid development over rhe last few years producing a stunning new line up since last i listened

New model (demo)

Dita and the Dream XLS - coming soon. I can’t wait


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