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Update 5/4/2020:
All you need to know>>>

Video from Twitter:

Japan Twitter:

Paul from iBasso on Head-fi forums:

“I want to clear up any misconceptions. The DX220 Max is not a replacement for the DX220. The DX220 Max is a transportable DAC/AMP with a very fine screen. It is larger and heavier than the DX220 so serves a different purpose but like all our products it is being produced to enhance your enjoyment of music.

The following are a few of the features:

1. The frame is stainless.

2. It uses dual ES9028pro chips with extremely high quality components that surround them.

3. It has 5pcs of battery: for the DAC and CPU, the rest 4pcs battery form a high voltage battery pack for analog.

4. the price will be around 2,000USD.” -

 - Paul/iBasso

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