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Oriolus Finschi review

Thank you to Xtenik 
for sending Head pie the Oriolus Finschi for review.

The Oriolus Finschi is available for purchase on their site for US$185.00



  • Oriolus Finschi hybrid headphone is an entry level earphone at Oriolus product line, with one dynamic driver and one balanced armature driver. A sound with a sense of transparency is said to be characteristic.


  • Driver: Knowles balanced armature + 10mm dynamic driver
  • Sensitivity: 112db
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Frequency response: 10Hz-40KHz
  • Pin: 2pin 0.78mm
  • Line length: 120cm

Copper silver mixed woven earphone cable

  • Finschi used copper & silver-plated wire mixed woven cable.

Glossy and clear, crisp and bright

  • Balanced armature and dynamic driver hybrid, two sub-frequency
  • The sound of Finschi is responsible by Knowles balanced armature and customized 10mm dynamic driver.
  • At the same time, Oriolus incorporates the speaker sub-frequency technology into the headphones, making the bass performance deeper and more powerful

Sound & more

The Oriolus Finschi is the entry level earphone in the Oriolus range, Head pie would have liked to have been able to review the Mellianus for obvious reasons.

I enjoyed unboxing the The Oriolus Finschi and made have tried them a while back in Japan, I am unsure of which model I tried. But the memory of them as a decent earphone stayed with me.

The Oriolus Finschi is a little wonder, light weight, easy fit and extra comfortable.
A relaxing earphone if floating on top of your upper ear with ease is your cup of tea.

back the unboxing, the excellent case with its hard cover and ample space to fit a small dap was a plus for those days when one wants a smaller rig set up but also wants it protected when not listening, I could fit a mini dap in there easily as well as the earphones.

I also tried the Finschi with more higher end daps and was not disappointed. I have been reviewing for a while now and try to choose the excellent, curious or small companies. I usually do not do the online store review gig send a sample whore myself out deal - but based on my past experience of the Oriolus (whichever one it was) I was keen to give them another listen, also Steven from Xtenik was extra polite so that also lured me in.

On with the show!

So, a great case, easy and comfortable fit, supple cable that glides around ones ears and solidly built earphone shells.

Its a two pin cable, and I am a MMCX fan and that still did not turn me off. I has a shaped memory to it, and is slightly adjustable. Not your regular irritating hard wired memory cable.

I did not find any reason to cable roll as the stock cable was sufficiently revealing and had a great synergy with the 1 BA and 1 DD earphones.

The Finschi veers towards a pleasing neutrality but also has that nice low end with a good decay courtesy of the DD which also gives it a certain body overall, The sub bass is especially pleasing to my ears.
  I found the mids to be satisfying but not over reaching with the upper mids and low treble being more noticeable, but with enough extension and detail in the treble to please.

I found the separation and layering to be great, enough detailing probably due to the BA driver and a soundstage that whilst was not entirely out of my head was from medium to large - about the average, although not expansive.

In some ways the Oriolus is an all rounder, in other ways it is not. I did not find it lacking with any of my music I listened to the Finschi with. It is an intimate earphone that delights.
It can be unforgiving with poorly recorded tracks as it can be quite revealing due to its transparency, at times the bass hit quite hard but usually my experience was one of moderation. A little more mids at times would have given me pleasure.

I enjoyed the timbre of the vocals on tracks such as on Jeff Buckley `Mojo Pin`, overall i found the vocals to be well balanced with the music, not too forward - just how I like them.

From Mazzy Star, Morrissey, Cowboy Junkies, Smashing Pumpkins. Kruder and Dorfmeister, The Cardigans, Coldplay, PJ Harvey, Hole and a litany of others the Oriolus did not disappoint and will be an earphone in my regular rotation.

2Pin 0.78mm, copper gold-plated pin

  • Finschi used copper gold-plated pin and detachable 0.78mm copper gold-plated 2-pin socket。
  • The detachable design brings more possibilities to headphones and audiophile.

A great range of accessories.

Thank you to Xtenik for sending head pie the Oriolus Finschi for review


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