PlusSound X-Series with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz wires review - expatinjapan

PlusSound X-Series with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz wires review
 - expatinjapan 

Thank you to PlusSound and my sincere apologies for the delay




The basic price begins at US149.99 and goes up in price dependent on which type of cable, splitter, slider etc is chosen.


Cable reviews can be difficult regardless of the various camps out there of "cables make a difference to the cables don`t make a difference" one must disregard either of the entrenched warring camps and soldier on if any review is to be had.

If you are still reading it is either to make yourself more angry or you are genuinely interested in the product and what it may offer you sonically in terms of improvements or differences.

I am fortunate to have a decent reference dap for testing - I have a couple in fact but choose to stick with the iBasso DX200 and amp 1 for continuity of signature and impressions whilst reviewing.
I also included the DX120 (pictured) and DX150 to triple check.

Also I am fortunate (again) to have a variety of IEMs to use for testing. If I get offered a cable for review I usually request MMCX because I have a few Campfire Audio IEMs, so using the same brand with their different sound signatures, bass light, V shaped, reference, bass heavy, dynamic etc etc helps me to come to a conclusion whether the cable itself either changes the sound signature of the IEM, or not. Whether sonics are improved or muffled, and how bass, mids or treble may be effected.

The PlusSound X-Series with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz wire is a very thin cable, exquisite in its finish. Almost like a necklace, light weight, supple and glistening.

It has a fast low end with a slight boost, laid back mids and sparkly, detailed, yet soft treble. It gives a sense of space between instruments, the separation is one of the first things I noticed.

It has a smoothness to it with no sacrifices to the IEMs ability to communicate its naturally designed detail, layering and imaging.


The PlusSound X-Series with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz wire is fantastically light, supple and oh so comfortable..

The style is like the Ariadne gold thread or even an audio jewelry of sorts. A cable to help one find their way out of the audiophile labyrinth.

I found it a bit hard to discern which side is left and right at first, but then noticed that the cable is slightly curved above the MMCX jack and that the logo is meant to be orientated towards the outside. A change from the usual L/R labeling but still function able. Sometimes on the clear MMCX cables I can not see the L/R anyway.  

Gold looking copper thanks to the cable sleeve and sparkly nature of the cable when presented to the observing eye. 

The Plussound X-Series with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz is one of those cables that is easily accessible.
Some cables add a large bump in the lows, mid or highs, or lows and highs etc the X-Series with Tri-Copper Type 6 Litz adds nothing unwanted to my ears, yet what it does is refine what is already present and complement the original signature of the attached IEMs.

''The golden thread is a symbol of the inspiration, intuition, and guiding light that graces us throughout our lives. It is that which we follow, knowing that it will, in some mysterious way, guide us on our true paths in life. It is most colorfully portrayed in Greek mythology as the magical thread that Ariadne gave to Theseus, assisting him in his heroic journey into and out of the Minotaur's labyrinth. As we travel through literal and figurative labyrinths in our lives, the golden thread may easily go unnoticed, yet when it is recognized and followed, we may find that this archetypal strand of gold connects us to our true selves, to our beloveds, and to that which we discover to be home.''

Thank you to PlusSound for sending Head pie the X-Series cable for review


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