Fujiya Avic Headphone Show April 2019

The more shows one goes to the more it becomes about catching up with friends than just checking out audio gear.

I might add more text later, but your eyes can see whats what. Like my dap ui youtube videos: I do not speak over them because I trust you can see what the ui is like for yourself.

Lots of gear. No I did not try everything. A few things I did try and a few things I thought after the show ‘ugh, I forgot to listen to that’.

Usually its meet up with friends first. Catch up. Whizz around a bit earlier on a PRESS pass and take some photos before the crowds arrive. Have a few chats. Then go back and listen to some gear and take some more photos.
If the queue is too long, ah, I will often skip it.
Multiple floors make back tracking back and forth a bit difficult at times.
Luckily they now have two PRESS rest spaces as the shows can be tiring after a while.

Anakchan on Head-fi will probably do a nice detailed write up as will Currawong.

But this is Head pie, we are only good for pretty pictures, memes and incomprehensible word salad.

All in all a good time.


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