Campfire Audio new models

Via Campfire Audio Facebook page:

Introducing the all new - IO

IO's refined mid-range complements extended high frequencies and articulate bass.  The result is fidelity unmatched by any earphone in its class.


Polaris' hybrid design combines rich and impactful bass with sparkling highs for a sonic presentation that is ideal for modern music.


Andromeda undergoes a stylish update for 2019 featuring our refined anodized aluminum shell in an emerald hue, stainless steel sound spout, custom circular beryllium-copper MMCX, and new accessory packs.  Sonically unchanged, Andromeda continues to deliver a sound that is out of this world!

Photos by Head pie

New Campfire Audio IO

Sonically the same as the original. I ternal design improved, outer shell more finished and sharp edges smoothed, stainless steel nozzle and a new non memory wire cable with a soft guiding ear sheath.

Redesigned new! CA Polaris. New Altas style nozzle, internal drivers altered.


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