DX220 - (Added to!) first ‘Bird box’ look


- I had two kids with me.
- A queue behind me.
- We (they) could not get an English menu working for you to see (I took screenshots using Google translate). 

My photos are not too good.
- No specs or anything yummy.

EDIT: great videos here of ui

They said Amp 1 pro or improved (dunno)


Menus below I took with google translate camera for you

The flyer last have some information (scant)

I had a QUICK listen. Most of my listening time was eaten up whilst they tried to get the English menu up (without success).

Seems smoother/cleaner?/ more resolving  (not warm) with a blacker back ground.
(Maybe the new amp? New internals? Both?)

I did not get to A/B with my DX200. Ugh.

Three gain settings.

UI is faster and changed. No more of the side to side menu (4 panels on DX200)

Now it seems that they are above?

- No photo of that - ugh again. Imagine usual screen with a slide across menu above the album art. 
But see video.

But it’s still a mystery. Maybe at the April showI can learn more......

Results: inconclusive. Not enough information or listening.


DX220 and DX200 about the same size.
(I did not have time even to wipe my finger marks off.).


I had 5 minutes on the clock to check out the new DX220. Seems the UI has changed in speed and layout. No more four Panel side swiping??? Anyway I had no idea what I was doing...I will dissect it later.


Edit: via Twitter

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