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Yaxi Pads impressions

Yaxi pads were nice enjoy to send Head pie a selection of their replacement ear pads to try on my ATH-ESW9 headphones.

Yaxi pads have a large selection of ear pad replacement to choose from.

In earlier years when I used to game more with my ATH-A900 headphones I found I would have to replace the ear pads every 1-3 years dependent on hours played to retain excellent resolution.

I recently have had my ATH-ESW9 serviced by Audio Technica Japan as one of the swivels broke and also opted for the full servicing which included head band and ear pads. so they are in a good condition to check out what particular difference might be discerned from using the pads from Yaxi.

Unboxing and a closer look.

As can be seen Yaxi sent three versions of the HD25 which they said would be a fit for my ATH-ESW9 headphones.


Velvet style


As seen above the Leather also came with pieces for the head band.

Yaxi Leather pads a closer look.

The YAXI HD25 leather pads when used on my ATH-ESW9 were a bit of a tight fit, I found stretching them out a bit before putting them on helped (mainly the inner part that goes in to the groove). Sound signature was similar to the stock, but with a bit more emphasis on the lows/Bass and the highs.

They are slightly smaller that the stock pads, and sit of the ears like with the Sennheisers, I find the design and slightly larger ATH-ESW9 stock pads encompass my ears a bit more.

With the filter (sold separately) they approach the stock pads a bit more, with added treble.

The shape it quite different with an inward slope on the stock compared to the rounded Yaxi pads.

Yaxi Type B pads - A closer look

The YAXI type B pleather style pads when used on my ATH-ESW9 were an easy fit to get on.

The type B seemed a bit darker and even muffled that the other two ear pads. More bass that I could tell, a bit of a bleed into the mids. Quite enclosed feeling.

The stock has more separation and nuance.

But the strong low end of the Type B could well appeal to many who love that low end boom, boom.

YAXI for HD25 - Comfort. A closer look.

These are certainly comfortable. They sit on my ears like fairy dust, gentle and warm. I quite like the sound of these with the ATTH-ESW9.

Fast airy, and with a bit of bounce. Vocals forward of the music. A bit reserved.
easy fit, an easy listen.

Stock are more balanced with the vocals and music. More layered.

Fairly easy to put on.

The Comfort style pads (materials listed below on the spec sheet of the box) 

The pads laid out in comparison

Fit chart

YAXI has many ear pads on offer. 

To find out which ear pads fit your headphones YAXI has this handy page.

If your headphone is not listed drop them a message.

With the ATH-ESW9 headphones.


The prices seemed to vary from US$10 to $50 depending on the materials used, size and make.

Online either order via mobile, the computer interface is also easy and also available on amazon.

Filter for HD25.

As the filter is more designed for use with the HD25 headphones I did not spend too much time experimenting with as I felt the warm, rich sound of the ATH-ESW9 perhaps did not require it so much.

What I did find was that it was useful especially for the Yaxi leather pads as it moved them more towards the neutral end.

The other pads already having this filter. I was tempted to try doubling up the filter on the


The YAXI pads are well made and a quality product.

Being that the ATH-ESW9 use lambskin for their pads I was curious about what sonic changes might come about with pad swapping. Something I had done in the past with my ATH-ESW11 and some replacement pads many years back.

Having a thorough selection of three pads plus the stock to compare was great. It afforded a range of possible experience and results.

Having changed pads before I was already familiar with the process so that was accomplished rather quickly and easily.

I found that I would pick either the Leather (with filter) or the Comfort set as the bteer for the ATH-ESW9. The original ATH-ESW9 retain the best of what the ATH-ESW9 has to offer, but the replacement pads meant for the HD25 when applied to the ATH-ESW9 is a bit of fun, like tip rolling with IEMs.

I do wish I had a set of HD25 to try them out with.

Well built pads and a great choice If you are looking to replace your current aging pads, as old pads can ruin your experience when listening to music.

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