Dita Oslo: The fuller, more ergonomic sister of the Truth cable. - Audionewbi

I was in Singapore last year when I first saw Oslo. It was not in its current format, but it was pretty much a product mature enough for stand along release. I say that as it was paired with the now truly sold out a limited edition P71 IEM.

As captivating and engaging P71 is both sonically and aesthetically, I couldn't wonder but ask whether the cable will be released as standalone, and the answer from Ken, the head of Dita Global market was "Yes".
At the moment I put Oslo around my ear I knew this is a cable I must get my hands on. For those who don't know, Dita Truth cable is my current reference IEM. That cable is all for resolution and transparency. But it isn't an ideal match for most thing. For instance, it is a rigid cable that requires a lot of power and ergonomic is nowhere near what Oslo is.

So what makes Oslo so special? From the moment you open the box, it speaks of high quality. In box you get a small velvet pouch containing the cable unit, wrapped neatly in a plastic type wrapper, and at the bottom two balance plug for your AK and Walkman with a small contact enhancing oil, more about that later.

Oslo uses new age high purity copper and use an old age method of shielding of cable by soaking them in oil. My secret obsession is Duelund cable which have been using the same way of producing cable for a very long time. It improves current delivery in cable it provides a thinner blacker background due it its better insulation property compared to wanting to achieving a similar result by traditional me of insulation sheets, the way Brise audio shields.

The cable comes in 2-pin style suitable for Dita IEM line, Fitear, traditional 2-pin and mmcx that fits even my AKG N5005. For this impression I've used that IEM as I'm familiar with its sound. But I know eventually I will need two new pairs for my JVC HA-FW10000 and Sony IER-Z1R.
The first thing I noticed everything became cleaner, fuller and more lively. No hint of brightness was present, yet treble detail was not sacrificed to achieve musicality. I remember of a high end cable super thick cable I tried ages ago, costing 2-3 USD. Something I like to own for its sound, but did not for its price and impracticality.
The cable is still undergoing burnin and I'm told more good times are head of me so for now please enjoy this early impressions.


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