Beijing Audio Show - Mimouille

Hey guys I thought I would share some feedback from the Beijing Show. I have spend a couple of hours and had the opportunity to try a lot of new stuff, mostly out of my Lotoo Paw Gold 2017.

Unique Melody: their new 3D printed Titanium stuff looks nice. The Mirage, which includes their new open BA technology, sounds super smooth, if that is what out like. The Maven is more of a classic but high performance BA. I prefer it over the Mason V3.

Campfire : I gave the Solaris another go, and these deserve the hype. They are one of the best alrounders I have heard at any price if you like a fun well balanced sound with excellent technicalities. The things that keeps me from buying a pair is that I find them large and not too pretty...despite that they remain comfortable and are super well built.

Dita had the Project 71 on demo. The attached cable, which will be sold separately is awesome. Flexible, not tangly, pretty, and with switchable jacks. The cable is called project Oslo. The Project 71 IEMs are small, comfortable, and have one of best build and finish I have seen on an IEM. In terms of sound, they approach perfection...if you like warm and intimate sound. I would have bought them in a second with a touch more air or less warmth.

JVC : I did a second round of trials on the JVC stuff. The FW10000 is very nice but something is missing for me...not dynamic enough...certainly good for smooth jazz. The FD01 is definitely too bright even though it performs very well.

FAudio : Their single dynamic, the Major is certainly one of the best tuned dynamics out there, but at the 1.5k or so price, it fails to impress me. I also tried two prototypes, X and Y. The X is a nice sounding 9 BA. The Y is maybe the best thing I listened to at the whole show. It is a BA-dynamic-electrostat tweeter, like the Trinity of the Khan, and it sounds lovely. Engaging, with awesome yet controlled bass, full mids, great imaging. I can't wait for it to get out.

Jomo: I tried the Trinity to compare to Faudio project Y. I had to use the Lotoo Paw Touch in balanced mode because they had only a 4.4 at that moment, but I put my music on it. It sounds nice but didn't bluff me. I clearly liked the Y prototype from Faudio significantly more.

Acoustune : I tried the 1670SS. The build is nice but the finish is not as high end as I expected from pictures. It sounds nice and clear, a good dynamic, but nothing to write home about either. Also, I think it would be uncomfortable for me in the long run.

My winners, in this order : Faudio Y prototype, Solaris and Dita 71 (if you like warm tuning).

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  1. Hello,

    I just be come across your blog. I’m looking for the most comfortable universal earbud. Something like the Panasonic hje125 or the new DuNu Dk4001( the build quality is pretty bad so I returned them).

    If money is not a factor would you mind help me recommend me one ?

    Thank you