LZ A6 and LZ A6 mini - impressions


From Penon Audio.

As you can see there are many different configurations one can make using the different filters (they even fit some other earphones as well).

There are a few reviews out for these which cover the complexities.

I enjoyed playing around with the different filters but the process of it for a review is quite exhausting.

all those filter options and a loud button on the earphone itself.

But needless to say the effort is worth it. For either the experienced listener or beginner, especially the beginner as you have a chance to tailor the sound to your liking which will help with future purchases.

The LZA6
Its a decent earphone by itself, improves with a cable upgrade. It has a nice close to neutral starting point. The loud button seems to increase the bass, mids stay the same mostly, treble is extended and the soundstage is wide.



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